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Waterproof Positive Film for Silk Screen

Waterproof Inkjet Positive Film is designed for silk screen industry.
Screen printers desiring to use their inkjet printer for imaging color separations.
Its special microporous top coating provides the clearest condition of the film.

  • Microporous waterproof coating technology

  • Waterproof and dries fast for Epson k3/dye/pigment inks

  • Highest color gamut available for accurate color reproduction.

  • Create Halftone screens and line art with clarity

  • Excellent film density for creating screens.

  • Anti-Curl back coating.

  • 5 Mil thickness provides better handling than any other brands.

  • Works with epson/hp/canon printers, Dye/Pigment and k3 Inks.

  • Direct output from Photoshop/ Illustrator with original Epson/Canon/hp profiles.

This Microjet Waterproof Inkjet Positive Film is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible. Its medium weight combined with a wide color gamut makes this the perfect choice for color separations applications.

Waterproof Positive Film for Silk Screen (Sheets)

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