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Looks and Feels Natural Texture on Fixons 100% Cotton Canvas(Matte and Satin)


100% Cotton Canvas Matte and Satin

Ultra Premium 100% Cotton Photo Canvas Satin and Matte is designed for professional photographers, artists and fine art which is ideal for the reproduction of high resolutions photographs such as wedding pictures, portraits and art reproductions.

Looking for photo paper quality detail on canvas?   
We have it!   You will be satisfied with the results

Looks and Feels Natural Texture on Fixons Canvas

Professional photographers and artists can choose to have a canvas art print produced on artist canvas, which is ideal for the reproduction of high resolution photographs such as wedding pictures, portraits and fine art reproductions

Product Highlights

*  Microporous Waterproof Coating Technology.                   *  100% Cotton tightly woven for better durability.
*  Waterproof and instant dry for Epson/Canon/hp Inks        *  Wide color gamut reproduces correct skin tones.
*  19mil thickness. Works with Epson/Canon/hp printers.      *  Use Original Windows ICC Canvas profiles.

SilverX - Digital Negative Film for B&W Silver Printing


Yes, You can do it now and you will be satisfied with the results

SilverX - Digital negative film is for anyone wanting to make black and

white silver prints, without the hassles of traditional projected negatives.

Crystal Super Clear Film - Professional Photographers-Artists 

FX 303.jpg

Ore Crystal Clear Film is a specialty film for photos finishing

Fixons Nonsilver Digital Negative Film for Contact Print


For Platinum, Palladium, Carbon, Gold, Gum Bichromate, Cyantype, Selenium

Ultra Premium Glossy and Luster Photo Paper

RC paper base for inkjet actual photo prints. 11mil thickness/260g.

Waterproof Silk Screen Color Separation Film

Fixons Inkjet Positive Film is designed for

silk screen industry. 

Its special microporous top coating provides the clearest condition of the film

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